About Us
Excellence in fabrication

We Believe in Integrity and Professionalism

Division Nine is a locally owned and operated Orlando granite company. We have over 32 years of experience in the industry and have secured a prominent place in central Florida’s stone-works industry through our commitment to meticulous workmanship, superior products, and responsive customer care. 

why choose us

We are Committed to Excellence

Experienced Team

Our company comprises skilled stoneworkers, experienced installers, and knowledgeable company representatives. We understand that most homeowners need help in selecting stone products, so we make it a priority to provide all the information they need to make comfortable, sound decisions.

Guaranteed Quality

Division Nine has provided countertops for large builders responsible for hundreds of homes. We’ve also worked with many individual homeowners on custom installations. We enjoy the diverse nature of our client base and always welcome newcomers to our customer family.

Modern Equipment

We use state of the art equipment for our fabrication process and are committed to the highest standards in our industry. We’re proud to serve the people and businesses of Orlando and central Florida. We look forward to continuing and growing our business in the area for years to come. 

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