If you are ready to update, consider changing out your granite countertops to quartz countertops.

Our Orlando showroom is happy to show you our quartz countertop material. These high-quality countertops are resistant to many things. Which type of countertops are you looking for? We are happy to help you in measuring for countertops. Our pros can help you go through your choices with cambria quartz. We are continuing to grow in the quartz fabrication. We think these countertops are a great option as quartz is strong and we see them as a superior alternative to concrete countertops or other traditional countertops for your next kitchen, home, bathroom project.

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If you are ready to update, consider changing out your granite countertops to quartz countertops.

-Qualities of Cambria Countertops and More-

Your Cambria Quartz Questions answered:

As you evaluate the differences in quartz products and the option for quartz countertops, you may find yourself wondering what the benefits are:

  • Quartz is less likely to show wear and is a superior alternative to concrete products.
  • Quartz is minimal care and less maintenance means more time for family and activities.

Can you put hot pans on Cambria quartz – (Can hot items be placed directly on the countertop)?  

The use of a hot pad or trivet is always recommended when placing hot items on the surface. 

How much does Cambria quartz cost?

The average job costs between $4000 – $9000. This could be higher if an additional slab is needed to ensure proper flow. 

Is Cambria Quartz the best? 

There are so many choices to choose from. It comes down to finding the right color that works for your design palette and your decor. Cambria is one of the choices, and each manufacturer has its own unique color and styling.

If you are trying to match your countertop with dark wood, or get a countertop with blue accents, we believe you will like what Cambria’s low maintenance engineered quartz offering provides.

Once you see the options available, you’ll understand the style and design flexibility that comes with Cambria Quartz.

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