Cultured Marble Wall Panels in Orlando, FL

cultured marble shower wall panels in orlando, fl

Cultured Marble Wall Paneling: Custom Colors and Designs

Are you looking for cultured marble wall panels to add a touch of elegance to your home, commercial office or bathroom? We are a cultured marble fabricator located in the heart of Orlando, FL. Visit our local store showroom so we can help you select the best materials, best fit and get to know our low maintenance marble products.

If you choose to do business with Division 9, we will get you an established point of contact, and discuss how the job site will be managed from start to finish.

Wall Panels – Large Format Paneling

We offer:

  • Marble Shower wall panels
  • Commercial Shower Panels
  • Solid Surface Shower Enclosure Options
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Commercial Entry Way Side Walls
  • Conference Room Side Panels or Back Wall Areas.
  • Fireplace Trim and Decor
  • Baseboards
  • Custom Trim

Our cultured marble is groutless, which means that it is easy to clean. We can install our products to serve as vanities, shower walls or tub deck overlays. We offer colors in custom designs on request at a reasonable price!

When you see our selection of custom marble shower wall panels and cost, we think you will realize that Division Nine is your best choice when it comes to custom cultured marble wall panels.

Common Uses for Cultured Marble Wall Panels

  • Bathrooms
  • Hotels
  • Fireplaces
  • Decks
  • Threshold and Door Trim
  • Commercial and Residential Interiors
  • Alternative to cultured granite

Shower Surrounds and Shower Wall Panels

Our customers love the look and feel of D9’s cultured marble shower walls. It gives your bathroom a modern clean look. It ages well, and adds a luxurious touch. It is especially elegant when combined with a glass panel shower wall. Note, we don’t offer glass panel but are happy to recommend you to someone.

solid stone shower walls

Custom Cultured Marble Shower Walls

We offer custom colors and designs such as neo angle on request (additional fees may apply).

If you are going for twin wall panels, we offer hand veining and molds at an additional fee.

Build the perfect accessories:

Whether you need a soap holder or custom cut out, we can help you create exactly what you are looking for.

For the shower flooring, we can provide flat shower bases with a textured finish. The only thing that you will need to complete your project is a plumber capable of installing shower pans. We do not offer cultured marble shower pan options only a shower base on request.

We recommend the assistance of a plumber for shower pan and shower receptors installation.

We provide the perfect material for your bathroom! You will love how easy it is to keep looking beautiful throughout its lifetime.

Tub Surrounds

Our cultured marble tub surround offering is exquisite. You can add an overlay tub or underlay tub. Currently, we do not offer any cultured marble bathtub options.

We can build various sizes and from varying molds. Whatever your square foot needs are, we aim to please. We are only limited by accessibility. We can provide any size within measurements of current mold (currently 9×6) if accessibility through doors in the home (most doorways are 8 feet tall).

Choose how thick you want your stone material for the trim or add custom edges or corner pattern to finish off your project.

Complex Vanities

Do you have a complex vanity? We offer vanity tops in many different variations, thickness, corner designs, width and dimensions. Since natural stone may vary greatly in its design, our custom patterns can create the experience for your customers you want.

Trim – Frames – Baseboards

Rather than using granite or tile, for custom trim work, why not use the same material we are using for the panels and vanity tops. Your bathroom will have a contemporary feel whether you are going for a neo angle shower, or are integrating custom trim with a fireplace.

You will find we have an excellent selection for your commercial or residential kitchen, foyer, board room or bathroom project. Our products are durable and look beautiful! Call us today to talk about cultured marble wall panels or any other of our stone products!

Benefits of Our Materials and Installation

Why should you choose to install cultured marble shower wall panels or large format panels for other areas?

We make an effort to create flexibility for our customers with Custom Colors and Designs

1. It offers a Contemporary classy look and comes in a variety of colors. This allows you to match existing decor and create a unique luxurious look for your project.

2. Custom designs with the perfect blend of resin help you create a unique experience and vibe for your shower spaces, vanity tops, and solid surface installs

3. Cultured marble is known to be durable, versatile and low maintenance.

4. Cost-effective – when compared to natural stone, not only do you have more control in the design, look and feel of your wall paneling, but a similar natural stone product can easily double or triple in price. That makes cultured marble panel system installs more affordable than alternatives like natural marble showers, marble tub surround, or porcelain installation. The cost-saving alone is enough to m

5. Easy to clean – The zero grout line, makes cleanup easy and painless. The matte or glossy surface can be easily wiped down. Cultured marble isn’t porous, so it is COVID-19 friendly.

Our Service – Manufactured, Fabricated, Installed

At Division 9, we do it all. Got an idea? Let us know. We deliver max durability and convenience at an affordable price. We will help you design the best kit or custom install for your project.

From resin to the install we handle it all. We will provide the product delivered, assembled and sealed with silicone.

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