Can you fix cultured marble?

Cultured marble can be repaired whether it is a chip, scratch, or burn due to the gel coated surface.

The process for repair varies based on the nature of the issue.

For instance
Chip: In the case of a cultured marble chip, we would add an epoxy, mixed with proper color formula.

We then would allow the area to harden and sand down the surface until it is smooth and virtually undetectible and brought up to a gloss finish by using a high speed buffer with compound.

Scratch: If the scratch cannot be sanded out with a high-grade sandpaper, the process is similar to chip repair.

Crack: If the crack is mostly superficial in nature, then we would use the same process as we do to repair a chip. If however, the chip goes all the way through the countertop, most likely it will need to be replaced.

Burn: For burn marks, the key question is how deep the burn goes.

For surface burns, light sanding and buffing can often remove the bad area. If however, the burn has gone beyond the gel coat, the countertop will most likely need to be replaced.

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