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Granite Top Dining Table for a Luxury Dining Room Experience

Suppose you are considering a granite dining room table and live in Central Florida. In that case, we can give you an estimate on building a custom granite dining table or cultured marble top dining table with custom veining.

Our custom granite table designs differ from your typical solid wood dining room set or manufactured rectangular wood table. We have found that a stunning granite top dining table matches other furniture and decor well because of the eclectic patterns offered in natural stone.

A large modern granite dining table can give your room a look you want. Don’t let your dining set go unnoticed; consider upgrading to a durable modern dining table and the perfect fit for any dining room. Although solid wood is typically what you’d expect to find, you would be surprised how many people choose to move towards natural stone products to improve their dining room appeal.

Another alternative to solid and manufactured wood is a marble top. Faux marble or cultured marble tops could be an option depending on usage. It is often less expensive than building a granite tabletop and offers more options to customize the tabletop color and design. Some people refer to this as a faux marble top. A faux marble top gets its name because it is not a natural stone.

Faux Marble Kitchen & Dining Table

Faux marble, also known as cultured marble, has the durability you would expect from a marble table with the added benefit of the custom look and feel we can create by blending darker colors during the dining table design process.

For instance, you can choose a white marble with beige veining surfaces that give a modern, updated look to a traditional table. Its trestle-type bases can be created to give it an aged espresso solid wood look or showcase an old-fashioned design characterized by five angled feet and bracket legs.

Think French and European cottage or rustic style and adequate durability. Marble dining collections provide an elegance that makes your kitchen and dining area more appealing.

Which is best for the dining table, marble or granite?

You can expect granite or marble durability to be similar. A dining table made of cultured marble offers more resilience over the standard dining setup consisting of upholstered furniture chairs and a solid wood table. It is also cheaper than a granite table of similar size and design.

Because resins are used during the polishing process, it’s important to consider whether you intend on putting hot plates on the table.

What is the most durable material for a dining table?

If you are interested in having a table that will last a long term for your event, choose a table with hardwood materials like mahogany, walnut, and maple oak. We won’t dissuade you from purchasing a solid wood table. However, if you are ready for a change, you might want to consider a granite table.

The granite table up-and-coming trend is here to stay, and Division 9 is here to help. Call us today to learn more.

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