What is MSI stone?

If you are looking for a large selection of prefab natural stone for your next countertop project, you may have heard or considered MSI natural stone.

We have provided many of our Orlando clients with MSI surfaces’ quartz, granite, wall tile and other natural stone products.

  • M S International, Inc. is a natural stone distributor in North America. The company operates under the initials MSI, and has made a name for itself (since 1975) that has become synonymous with high-quality prefabricated natural stone.
  • When you hear MSI stone, you should think of the MSI panels and slabs that are put together to form high-quality countertops and panels.

Division Nine is a dealer for MSI countertops in Orlando, FL.

We can provide MSI countertops for you at great prices with a quality installation.

If you are looking for MSI surfaces and are located outside of Orlando, we can help you with that as well. We traditionally cover most of Central Florida.


MSI sources its stone surfaces globally and is has over 1,800 employees worldwide.

As experts in the stone industry, offering branded stone products such as their Q Premium Natural Quartz, MSI Q Quartz and other stone surfaces are some of the best you can add to your kitchen or bath.

What is a prefabricated countertop? The easiest way to think about prefabricated countertops such as MSI’s prefab line is to imagine a jigsaw puzzle of quality granite or quartz that can be assembled to various of configurations to custom fit your project (i.e. kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom vanities, or shower panels.)

Contact us today to discover the difference Division 9 services make when it comes to your MSI marble, granite, high-quality quartz, and natural stone needs. Check out our new reviews. We’ve been helping Central Florida customers find beautiful stone products for years. We promise we will do the same for you.

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