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We Install Cultured Onyx Countertops and Vanities

What is Cultured Onyx?

“Cultured Onyx” is the term used to describe manufactured, engineered, or manmade onyx.
Cultured onyx is the fabricated version of naturally occurring onyx-a type of marble that is quarried from the earth. Cultured onyx comprises ground onyx, polyester resins, fillers, and colorants. The mixture of these ingredients is poured into a gel-coated mold and allowed to cure. The product that emerges from the shell is hard and durable, and both looks and feels like real onyx.
Division Nine installs cultured onyx countertops, bathroom vanities, shower surrounds and other products.

The Beauty of Onyx

Naturally occurring onyx is a spectacular stone known for its translucent properties. A slab of onyx is slightly transparent, allowing light to shine through and illuminate the bands of color inside.
Color bands that run through natural onyx are the result of impurities and other minerals present when the onyx is formed. The veining in onyx tends to be bold, varied, and wild.
Natural onyx is available in golds, greens, reds, blues, and browns. It tends to be an expensive stone because of its fragility, translucence, and distinctive coloring.

The Appeal of Cultured Onyx

Because natural onyx is fragile and expensive, many consumers choose cultured onyx instead. They can enjoy the distinctive look of the stone in their homes without the expense and high maintenance of the real thing.

Cultured onyx fabricators are able to replicate the transparency and veining of real onyx. Homeowners love the depth of the engineered stone. In a countertop or vanity, they can see through the slab into the color bands, instead of just seeing the bands on the surface.

Why Choose Cultured Onyx?

Division Nine customers choose cultured onyx for several reasons.

  • It looks like genuine onyx but is much easier on the wallet.
  • It gives homes an upscale, luxurious appearance
  • It comes in many different colors; some manufacturers will custom-blend colors to match a client's existing décor.
  • The product is hard and durable
  • Cultured onyx's gel-coat finish is non-porous, so surfaces do not have to be sealed or re-sealed.
  • Cast pieces do not have seams that require grout.
  • A wide range of product shapes, sizes, and profiles are available
  • Cultured onyx countertops and vanity tops resist water, stains, burns, heat, and everyday use.

Solid-surface cultured onyx countertops, tubs, and shower surrounds are best installed by professionals.

Division Nine professionals will install cultured onyx countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Caring for Cultured Onyx

Cultured onyx countertops are easy to keep clean. Use a cloth or soft sponge with water and mild soap. A non-abrasive foam cleaner also works well. Simply wipe the surface with the cloth or sponge and soapy water.

You may occasionally apply a protective coat of wax to your cultured onyx surfaces.

Cultured onyx is hard, durable, and tolerant of normal use. It can be scratched, however, if subjected to blows with sharp or pointed objects. Fine scratches can be removed with a buffing compound and small polisher. Deeper scratches should be removed by a Division Nine restoration expert. He or she should also be called to take care of chipped surfaces since these may need filling.

Is Crazing, Cracks and Fractures a Risk with Cultured Onyx?

Up until a few years ago, a problem with cultured onyx sinks and tubs was the development of small cracks around their drains. Two reasons for the cracks were the oil-based putties used and the inferior quality of the filler ingredients in the pieces. Significant advances in the quality of the fillers, as well as the use of oil-free putties, has mostly eliminated crazing. The second line of defense against crazing occurs in product testing labs, where technicians rigorously test cultured onyx materials for resistance to crazing.

Division Nine Manufactures and Installs Cultured Onyx

At Division Nine, we’re proud to offer cultured onyx for countertops and vanities. Call us if you need help selecting the right design and color, and a Division Nine consultant will be happy to guide you.